Initial Consultation

It is important that initial consultations are held to determine right fit prior to moving forward. These consultations are 10 to 15 minutes to determine if the services will benefit you or identify need for additional referrals. 


I provide therapy for professionals experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, unresolved grief and also who struggle in their relationships.

I work with individuals and couples and also provide Christ-Centered therapy for those who request


I enjoy speaking on a myriad of topics including but not limited to values; ethics; conflict resolution; communication, motivation/engagement, mental health related topics, etc.

Should you need a speaker to speak to high school students, social work students, or students in general, as well as professionals in the work place or general community, please contact me for booking details or send an inquiry.  

Ladies Lounge (Presented by Ladies Connect)

Global community for women from all walks of life coming together to receive support, encouragement, coaching, tips and resources for total health and wellness. We discuss mental, emotional & spiritual wellness, body health & all things relationships. We are REAL women discussing REAL issues while developing REAL connections. If you want to feel heard, understood, supported and more confident this group is for you! You do not have to suffer in silence! VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE with Personal Support option. Register Today for more info!

Mindset Coaching 

I provide mindset coaching online/phone and face/face for women who struggle with taking the next step into being the best version of themselves and maximizing their potential. These women are paralyzed by fear, and are stuck because of self-doubt, overthinking, and need accountability, structure and encouragement. I successfully help you declutter your mind to help you make room for happiness in your life.  


I am only in network with Cigna. Be sure to inquire if provider, Bewindi Bobb is in your network. Also, I recommend that you ask about EAP (employee assistance program) benefits. Lastly, It's important to know if you have met or have not met deductible and copay for each session