About us

Against All Odds Professional Counseling Services, PLLC was founded in Nov.2017 and is a private mental health practice serving clients in Tennessee.

We are a group of mental health professionals who believe in giving the highest quality care with Christ at the center to our clients to help them feel empowered, encouraged and equipped with practical strategies for gaining new perspectives to live freely.

Our vision is to offer transformational services to working professionals including entrepreneurs, college students, as well as couples and families so that they can disrupt unhealthy cycles and patterns, replace unhealthy coping and narratives with healthier ones and rise above all circumstances despite the odds against them. 

Our practice offers a culture with contagious positivity, flexibility, and a tenacity for quality, continued learning, growth and development. Therapists, interns and staff are warmly supported, prayer is included where applicable,the name of Jesus is magnified and clients are nurtured and supported with compassion and excellence.
This practice stands on the core values of faith in Jesus, compassion, continued learning, growth, and development, wellness, quality, integrity and positivity.