I was born and raised in the beautiful, gorgeous Island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. My journey towards accepting the calling to be a counselor is interesting, but let's just say, I eventually stopped running (insert laughter) and realized that being a counselor is not just my profession but a God-given and ordained calling and ministry.

I am passionate about seeing people become free to live happily and free from emotional baggage, free from whatever is blocking, delaying or hindering their healing. I love the opportunity to create a safe space where my clients receive permission to express themselves, their feelings and find themselves while gaining a new and changed perspective.

I help professionals who are dealing with unresolved emotional conflicts such as depression, anxiety, grief, stress,etc live freely by equipping them with tools to renew their mindsets. I love to encourage and empower my clients and when they apply the tools, they are able to show up for themselves and be their best selves in all arenas of their lives. Additionally, I also provide Christ-Centered Counseling to whom it applies and for those who request.

With over 14 years of clinical experiences, I am driven and fueled by my professional and personal values including but not limited to Faith, Freedom, Purpose, Service, Encouragement and Inspiration. I am so honored to be in this space and I know that whether I am providing therapy, coaching or speaking to an audience or hosting my podcast, 'Empowered to Empower You', which can be found on spotify, podbean, itunes, google, etc, I am convinced that people are definitely encouraged, inspired and empowered.