Mrs. Emily Anderson 

Emily treasures her God-designed gift to promote simple, practical, eclectic, and transformative narratives and practices that empower people to live out their God-given purpose.

In therapy, Emily creates space for her clients to understand and write their unique story. Life can be complicated and messy, kind of like a puzzle-Emily loves a good puzzle. Emily knows that depression and anxiety, negative thought patterns, fear, and negative relationships need to be laid on the table, sorted through, and connected until the real picture (the real you) comes into full view. Though we cannot change our past, we can realize how it has affected us. Emily is firm in her knowledge that we can adopt a new perspective and be intentional about our present and future.

Emily is a trained social worker who values peace, purpose, perspective, and passion. She wears many hats as a woman, wife of a Marine Corp veteran, and a mom by way of adoption. Emily believes in the promotion of total health-including physical and mental-and the power of incremental behavioral change.

Ms. Bewindi Bobb 

I help professionals who are dealing with unresolved emotional conflicts such as depression, anxiety, grief, stress,etc live freely by equipping them with tools to renew their mindsets. I love to encourage and empower my clients and when they apply the tools, they are able to show up for themselves and be their best selves in all arenas of their lives. Additionally, I also provide Christ-Centered Counseling to whom it applies and for those who request.

With over 14 years of clinical experiences, I am driven and fueled by my professional and personal values including but not limited to Faith, Freedom, Purpose, Service, Encouragement and Inspiration. I am so honored to be in this space and I know that whether I am providing therapy, coaching or speaking to an audience or hosting my podcast,   'Empowered to Empower You', which can be found on spotify, podbean, itunes, google, etc, I am convinced that people are definitely  encouraged, inspired and empowered. Ms. Bobb is also an author of two published books, Empowerment for You: Encouragement for your Spiritual and Emotional Wellness and Empowered to Empower You Reflection Workbook (available on Amazon)